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Why Print Media Advertising?

The Internet has revolutionized marketing in many ways. Today, small and established firms can employ a variety of marketing strategies and methods to achieve their goals. It’s also easy to reach out to potential clients via innovative platforms brought about by technology. However, it’s still a lucrative idea to go for print media advertising to achieve the same goals.

Online Marketing hasn’t Eliminated Print Media Advertising

The benefits brought about by online advertising cannot be overstated. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot get top results for your marketing campaigns if you rely on good old print methods. This medium works for all industries. Even though many businesses can reach their targets faster on the web, print methods are still delivering a great return on investment.

Print is ideal

Print media advertising isn’t all about newspapers and magazines. There are posters, brochures, and billboards that are ideal when it comes to reaching out to a wider audience. In fact, it’s advisable to go for the print method that guarantees you the best results in national advertising. It’s true that not all marketing strategies are suitable for all businesses. You will do well with your local marketing if you choose printed marketing materials; they give you and your company immense credibility.

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Examples of Effective Print Advertising Options

Marketing a small business doesn’t have to take up a large chunk of its operational budget. Print advertising is still relevant in today’s digital world, and allows businesses to enjoy advertising without bearing huge costs. There are a few print advertising options to consider when you want to increase your business visibility. Read More

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3 Tips on Determining the Right Print Advertising Agency

Every business needs to advertise its products and services. This creates an awareness of the business to targeted customers. This task is usually offered to experts specialized in that line of work. Advertising agencies are the specialists.

Marketing is essential to every business. They give desired publicity of your company’s brand. For that, you need an effective agency to perform the job perfectly. Here are a few tips on choosing the right print advertising agency.


You should find an agency that specializes in acquisition marketing. This will help draw more customers to your business and contribute to its growth. The agency ought to have a strategy that will be efficient for your business.


Generally, advertising services have no fixed costs. The pricing varies as per the preferences of the client and campaigns selected. Nevertheless, you should opt for an agency that offers competitive rates.


A good agency must have exceptional strategies for acquisition marketing. They ought to come up with creative work that will draw many clients to your company.

Any print advertising agency will play a major role in the marketing strategy you employ. The agency you choose will manage all your campaigns. It is good to know and recognize your advertising requirements.

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Beyond Print Media Advertising

Many will admit that marketing is not what it once was. Not so long ago the biggest marketing firms designed and placed high quality print advertising products such as banners at events, highways, buses with amazing results. Today the playing field is different and successful marketing requires much more.

Acquisition Marketing

These are just some of the terms becoming commonplace in the day to day operation of a digital marketing company. The term describes a procedure to acquire and manage customers. Lead Performance Marketing has plenty of experience in this type of marketing.

To acquire the best results or response rate with your digital marketing company you need a strategy that will reach your target demographic. We have plenty of experience and tons of marketing data that will give you insights into not just their preferred product but behavior.

We match the above statistics with various strategies such as email marketing, social media campaigns and much more to anticipate response.

In addition we incorporate print media advertising. This channel is far from dead and takes professionals to reach ROI goals with this channel. Lead Performance Marketing has perfected the process in making print advertising work. We allow for their results to speak for themselves. Contact us for more information and take your business to the next level.

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How to Be Successful with a Display Advertising Agency

If you have a product and would like to optimize its sales then you should consult a display advertising agency. Here are a few tips on direct marketing.

Keep Testing: Begin testing on your landing page, different headlines, colors, buttons and then proceed to utilize the best combination to get the highest conversion rates.

Where possible, do something that will elicit immediate action: encourage your app users, prospects, and readers to take action by either offering an upfront value such as a comprehensive e-book on how to solve a certain problem that is a known challenge to your customers. You can also flash the cost of delay for example, a sale that ends within 48 hours or prices reverting back to normal after the first 100 sales. Take an analysis of your website and find out how you are aiding your potential customers in making purchase decisions. Implement a different method that you can influence your potential customers to take a minor action such as filing out a survey form or entering their local zip code to receive a quote. This minor action will build momentum for actual purchases.

Develop a solid individual brand to secure rankings on Google and other search engines. Engage Google optimized authorship in your blog and personalize your search results by utilizing rich snippets.

Print media advertising has the advantage of reaching several people in a single day. It is advisable to combine print and online advertising to increase your product awareness.

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Make a Connection with super Targeted Audiences through Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail consists of a wide variety of marketing materials, including brochures, catalogs, postcards, newsletters and letters. It has been proven that direct mail advertising is one of the most effective and profitable ways to reach out to new and existing consumers.

Unlike other forms of advertising, that are not delivered to only a specific targeted demographic, direct mail lets you communicate one-on-one with your super targeted prospect. This allows you to control who sees your message, when it’s delivered, where it’s delivered and how many people you reach.

To develop an effective direct mail campaign, one must start with proper targeting. Research is key in any type of marketing. Developing a successful direct mail campaign takes time. This is why many companies seek professional help.

Lead Performance Marketing is a print advertising agency that specializes in national direct response campaigns. They have decades of experience developing direct mail campaigns for multiple industries. With their long term relationships with print agencies and publications, along with the most competitive rates available, you are sure to take your business to the next level. Contact them today for a free quote at info@leadperform.com

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Reach Your Prospective Customers Easily with Print Media Advertising

You cannot ignore the significance of advertising products through print media. It consists of free standing inserts, insert media, direct mail and many other publications. These resources are very beneficial increasing revenue for any business. This method of advertising is very effective and continues to attract a large number of audiences. There are countless digital and print media companies that have experience in direct response campaigns. Among all, Lead Performance Marketing is a Print advertising agency with decades of experience in the industry. They are results driven and specialize in national Direct Response campaigns. When developing campaigns their professionals will assist you in ad placement by utilizing the most effective targeting, based upon geographic and customer demographic data.

Lead Performance Marketing is also a full-service Display advertising agency. In this busy Advertising world their goal is to help consumers find your business during the buying decision. They guarantee to generate more calls, and help manage the most profitable campaigns and eliminate the poor performing areas. They offer digital programs such as 1:1 Targeted Display, Paid Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, and a College Student targeting Program.