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Leveraging On Cost Effective Acquisition Marketing to Gain and Retain Clients

Lead Performance MarketingWhy do businesses spend so much money to acquire new customers when customer retention is an effective strategy? It goes without saying that customers are what make up any business. Without them, there would be no business and nearly all enterprises will close. But if customers are the most essential for a business to thrive, why would an organization spend more dollars to find new clients than they spend on retaining the ones they already have.

You can use acquisition marketing to venture out for new customers to your business. But this should not be done at the expense of the existing customers. Finding the right balance between the two is often a challenge to most businesses. And it is this balance that determines a growing business, a stunted one and one that is closing its doors.

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Technology has however made it possible to automate some of the customer retention functions so that it is less expensive. Some of the strategies used in social media marketing, content marketing and email marketing can result in huge benefits such as being in touch with the existing customer base, sending reminders to customers about upcoming events and keeping a professional relationship all through your interactions. And when you need to get more customers, you can use direct response marketing because it will elicit an immediate response from the interested consumers. While most of the other customer acquisition techniques are expensive, this less costly alternative is by far more effective in practice.


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How to Promote Your Business with Print Media Marketing

Marketing is one costly affair to any business fraternity, but also the most important as it is tasked with the role of revenue generation necessary to run all other departments of any business. It is, therefore, the role of marketing manager to acquire the best marketing tools that will enable the business to run a successful acquisition marketing campaign. Marketing is run on various platforms such as telemarketing, social media marketing, online or blog marketing and print media to name but a few.


How do you promote your business successfully using print media? Considering we are in the digital age. This is made possible by outsourcing service of advertising firms that use the shared mail system of advertising. This  is done where they partner with largest shared mail publishers,

Your advert is sent along with other select clients in a professionally produced packages and dispatched to each household in the intended target market. This simplifies the process of reaching your most potential customers cutting the cost you would have incurred using other models as mailing is cheap.

It  enables you to get higher visibility by using advanced market research.This enables you to get access to propriety media databases of thousands of newspapers and direct mail. This ensures your business reaches the maximum number of potential clients.

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How to Identify the Best Firm for Print Media Advertising!!!


Many businesses know the benefits of marketing. That has led to an increase in the demand for advertising services. More adverts will lead to higher sales and more profitability. The positive effects of marketing have increased the number of marketing companies. The performance of these firms differs. Know how to identify the best one.


The agencies must contract experts to provide the print media advertising services. The experts affect the value of marketing services their clients will receive. Their proficiency directly affects the quality of marketing services. The best firm will focus on contracting qualified professionals. This is because they are creative and knowledgeable.


Never strike a marketing deal with a firm before visiting. The visit is essential in giving you more time to know the experts. Listen to the ideas the experts will share regarding your marketing plan. Those ideas will reveal their competency in generating effective ideas. Take that time to ask as many questions as possible. Pick a firm whose experts are fascinating.


The marketing agencies are interested in making more revenue. Their intention is to get more clients. That will increase their profits. Look for a firm that offers IP targeting services at a sensible cost. This is because most firms overcharge their clients. High costs do not mean their services are good. It is possible to get the best service without spending too much.

Refrain from overspending on firms known to overcharge their clients. Save money by choosing cheaper agencies.

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Getting the Right Marketing Mix is Crucial for Your Business


IP advertisements have become mainstream in the digital marketing industry. While there are many reasons for this rapid shift of focus, the level of specificity that comes with IP targeting is undoubtedly exceptional. Previous geo-targeting iterations could only provide data as much as clusters or regions were concerned.

But with the recent upgrades witnessed in geo-targeting technology, businesses are using this to leverage on their highly deficient marketing budgets. Consequently, an explosion of IP targeted adverts are being witnessed today, thanks to this previously unheard of consumer connection level. Thousands if not millions of businesses and homes have now been opened up to marketers through personalized advertisements.

This stunning breakthrough in the field of digital marketing is not a reason to give traditional advertisement techniques such as shared mail a royal snub. One of the biggest disadvantages about online advertising is that it has a very short lifespan. Each day, there are billions of customers posting fresh adverts on the digital platform, competing for the same customers like you.

Therefore, this means that you have to be consistent at interacting with past and prospective customers on the various digital mediums. This is unlike one print advert that is likely to make manifold impressions on a reader who will see it at least more than once. This is beside the additional exposure gained through pass-along readership.

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Elevate Your Business Using a Marketing Agency

For many business owners, getting products or services in front of the right people is a challenge that they face on a regular basis. It is common to find them adopting a number of strategies to help them reach their target market through various marketing options. However, many still continue to struggle resulting in the need to engage the services of a marketing agency. These agencies have the expertise and capacity to create and execute marketing strategies that produce positive results for businesses.

twitterThe benefits that marketing agencies bring are varied but some are of assistance across the board such as offering a fresh perspective to marketing options, often used by a business to attract new customers. They are cost effective as they can advise on the use of options such as shared mail, which is effective in delivering powerful advertising at affordable rates. In addition agencies keep you updated on any changes in the industry while suggesting alternatives to keep products or services relevant to your clients. Finally, running other aspects of your business becomes much easier when marketing is being handled by experts resulting in a growing and profitable business within a short time period.

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Examples of Effective Print Advertising Options

Marketing a small business doesn’t have to take up a large chunk of its operational budget. Print advertising is still relevant in today’s digital world, and allows businesses to enjoy advertising without bearing huge costs. There are a few print advertising options to consider when you want to increase your business visibility. Read More

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Acquisition Marketing and Direct Response Marketing Explained

Acquisition Marketing

A while back, an acquisition marketer would have considered the use of the term customer in place of acquisition, mainly because the whole idea behind this marketing strategy was to acquire customers and aim at strengthening the bond. However, over the years, there are many more factors included in the definition leading to the dropping of ‘customer’ to ‘acquisition’.

What are we acquiring? The fact that the term acquisition was considered explains that the acquisition done here is more than just the customers. An acquisition marketer’s view of the goal has been widened to factor in traffic, customers, leads, partners, engagements, and most probably potential buyers of your business as a whole.

The fundamental focus of acquisition marketing is therefore shifted to the efforts to ensure the growth of your company. An effective acquisition marketer will ensure detailed research and resourcing paired with testing and strategic allocation.

Direct Response Marketing

The goals of advertising are diverse, but for this type of marketing strategy, the main aim is to get a direct response from prospects; to evoke that urge in them to immediately contact you for information, be directed to a webpage, place an order, or opt for email updates from you. One of the major advantages is that you can conveniently deal with the specific prospects’ problems and come up with effective solutions.

The main characteristics of direct response marketing include measurability, where you have the exact statistics of the sales made from a specific ad, it uses strong convincing message for the targeted prospects, the responses can be tracked since you know the channel used to pass a specific advert, and above all, the ads target prospects from a specific market niche. This can enable you to make specific offers to the group.