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Why Direct Response Print Media Advertising is Good for Your Business

Most small businesses feel helpless when it comes to running mass marketing. While this strategy is effective in growing your brand, it does have its downsides. One being the expenses involved. Let us face it, startups should not even think of imitating the big brands in this type of marketing.

Major brands often have massive advertising budgets that will successfully run such campaigns. For small businesses on the other hand, the few times they will try running their adverts will be like a drop in the ocean. Those few times will not come anywhere close to reaching the consciousness of your target audience, bearing in mind they are bombarded with thousands of publicizing messages from the big brands.

Instead of making a drop in the ocean, why not try print media advertising as a direct response marketing strategy? Most businesses today are opting for online marketing to get direct responses. What many do not realize is print direct response marketing continues to meet companies’ ROI goals in countless industries.

As a matter of principle, direct response print advertising is on the verge of making its comeback. If you are intending to test your offers, shared mail, package inserts, and receipt advertising can be a perfect place to start, after embarking on direct mail campaigns.


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Why You Need Package Inserts

Currently, it appears that traditional marketing channels are oversaturated and finding a space for your brand to be recognized feels like an impossible task. This is where package inserts come into play as an alternative advertising model.

Acquisition marketing firms can help you to partner with brands that sell space within their personal product packaging. When their customers open their packages, they will find your brand’s marketing insert. As simple as that, you will capture their customers’ attention—within a channel that is uncrowded (with an open rate that is close to a 100%).

What makes a package insert a brilliant thing is the fact that it can be tailored to reach your target audience. Whether you want to insert coupons, advertisements, or even small sized samples of your product, the marketing company will ensure that you find the right customers matching your psychographic, demographic, and behavioral criteria.

In addition to the company’s exclusive sellers as well as those on the open market, an acquisition firm will follow up brands that will match your goals but are yet to offer package space. The marketing firm will promote your brand and negotiate on your behalf, for a deal that will secure a new partner inaccessible to your competitors. The company will also ensure that your competitors’ products inserts are not included alongside yours.