Target your prospect precisely with Direct Mail Campaigns

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Direct mail campaigns have the best targeting capabilities to an individual at the actual household level. Unlike other broadcast media or saturation mailings direct mail can target your individual prospect. All successful direct mail campaigns have one goal, to generate a response. The creative should provoke a phone call, foot traffic, mail in response or click to a website. If your design isn’t performing or you have started to see response rates decline our Direct Response experts review your creative and provide step-by-step suggestions to improve your response. Lead Performance Marketing handles all campaign steps including direct marketing strategy, modeling customer data, list selection and processing, direct response creative and copy writing, direct mail print and production, and postal management.

Lead Performance Marketing is a full-service print and digital media company. They are results driven and specialize in National advertising, specifically Direct Response campaigns. Their decades of experience and long term relationships with the top publications in the country gives them access to the most competitive rates in the industry. Their buying power extends across the country in all national publications as well as regional and down to a specific carrier route. Contact them today for a FREE quote! info@leadperform.com.


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Performance Marketing is one of the best advertising agency in Florida, USA.

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